3 Common Questions about Cataract Surgery

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, 1:59 pm

3 Common Questions about Cataract Surgery

Q: Are there any restrictions after cataract surgery?

A: There are a few minor restrictions after cataract surgery (Avoid swimming for 1 week, do not put makeup around eye for 1 week). Everything else that you normally do (Drive, go to work, exercise) is ok to begin by the day after surgery.

Q: I heard there are a lot of eye drops. How long will I be using eye drops after surgery?

A: Patients begin using eye drops 2 days prior to surgery, putting in 2 different types of drops (an Antibiotic and an Anti-inflammatory) 4 times each day before surgery. After surgery, you will need to put in drops for 4 full weeks after surgery. After surgery, there are 3 different types of drops that you will be using (Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, and Steroid). You use these drops for 4 weeks after surgery, tapering off each week from 4 times per day to 1 time per day.

Q: How do I know if it is time for my cataracts to be removed?

A: Once your cataracts begin affecting your activities of daily life, it is time to consider having cataract surgery. Things like difficulty seeing when driving at night, difficulty seeing small print on medicine bottles, and blurriness when watching TV may mean it is time to consider surgery.

Question that you should be asking you surgeon or researching:

Q: What are my different lens options?

A: There are different types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) that are used to replace the removed cataract(s).

Option 1: Standard Lens or Monofocal Lens. When implanted, this lens corrects your vision for either distance or for reading vision.

Option 2: Toric or Astigmatism correcting Lens. For patients with Astigmatism, implanting the Toric lens may decrease your dependence on glasses for distance vision.

Option 3: Extended Range of Vision Lens. When implanted, these lenses give you a continuous range of vision, giving you clarity across the full range of vision.

If you have any further questions about cataract surgery or would like to set up a cataract evaluation, reach out to Dr. Jahnleā€™s surgical coordinator today by phone (610-446-2260 extension 4) or email (info@jahnleeye.com)


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