Cataract Surgery Recovery

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018, 1:46 pm

You ask, we answer: Common Questions about Cataract Surgery Recovery

Q: How soon can I go back to work? How soon can I exercise?

A: Most patients can return to their normal routine the day after surgery, including driving, working or exercising. One exclusion to this is swimming, as you should wait at least one week after your surgery to swim. However, you can take a shower, just be careful and avoid getting soap in your eyes.

Q: How long will I be using eye drops after surgery?

A: After surgery, there are 3 different types of drops that you will be using (an Antibiotic, an Anti-inflammatory, and a Steroid). You use these drops for 4 weeks after surgery, tapering off each week from 4 times per day to 1 time per day. You can also use artificial tear eye drops as much as needed after surgery if your eye feels itchy or dry.

Q: How soon can I get a new eyeglasses prescription after surgery?

A: If you need a new eyeglasses prescription following your cataract surgery, it is good to wait at least 3-4 weeks before you have this appointment. It takes a few weeks for the eye to heal following cataract surgery, and in that time there might be slight changes to your vision. If you are going away or need a eyeglasses prescription faster because of work, talk to your surgeon, as in some cases you can get your prescription sooner.


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