How Pregnancy can affect vision

Thursday, February 18th, 2021, 2:23 pm
Dr. Vanessa Viloria

How Pregnancy Can Affect Vision: Dr. Viloria and Dr. Krespan answer your questions

What vision symptoms during pregnancy are normal and do not necessarily require a visit to the eye doctor?
Slight vision changes and temporary dry eye can be common symptoms during pregnancy. If you wear contact lenses you might find that your eyes are less comfortable when wearing contacts for the entire day. We are able to evaluate the eyes for dryness and recommend artificial tears that are safe to use during pregnancy. Because of these mild changes in glasses prescription, laser vision correction should not be pursued during pregnancy.
What vision symptoms during pregnancy warrant visit to your eye doctor?
Some vision symptoms are warning signs of more serious conditions during pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia, or high blood pressure. Sudden changes in vision, including loss of vision, diplopia, or new floaters warrant an immediate visit to your eye doctor. If you have a sudden change, such as blurriness in one eye, you should contact us for an appointment. If you have diabetes, pregnancy could worsen any pre-existing eye disease or diabetic retinopathy.
Why do vision symptoms develop during pregnancy?
Vision symptoms develop during pregnancy due to physical and hormonal fluctuations. Vision could be mildly worse or fluctuate due to refractive changes likely caused by fluid retention. The hormone fluctuation that can occur during pregnancy can decrease natural tear production, resulting in dry eye syndrome. Most of these mild changes are temporary and return to normal after delivery.

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