Contact Lenses

At Jahnle Eye we offer a wide variety of contact lenses to meet your lifestyle and vision needs. Whether you are new to contacts or have been wearing contacts for many years, our optometrists will evaluate your eyes and discuss your visual demands to select the best contact lenses for you. While annual comprehensive exams are important for your eye health, a contact lens evaluation is an essential additional step for those who wear contacts.

A Variety of Contact Lenses

We offer a selection of all of the top soft contact lens brands, including:

  • Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue Oasys, Vita, 1 Day Moist/Oasys)
  • Coopervision (Biofinity, Proclear, Avaira Vitality, Clariti, MyDay)
  • Alcon (Air Optix & Air Optix Colors, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, Precision 1, Total Dailies 1)
  • Bausch + Lomb (Ultra, Purevision, Biotrue, Infuse)

If you are coming in for the first time to our office, please bring your contact lens parameters with you.

Types of Contact Lenses

There are soft daily disposable (single-use) contacts, as well as daily wear two-week or monthly replacement contacts. Each of those modalities are further designed to correct astigmatism (toric) or near vision (multifocal) if needed. Multifocal or monovision contact lenses can often give the wearer more freedom from needing reading glasses.

Specialty Contact Lenses

We also fit specialty lenses for a variety of conditions, including high prescriptions, keratoconus or irregular corneas, and other medical conditions. For patients with high prescriptions or irregular corneas (keratoconus), Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), Hybrid or Scleral contacts are typically the best option for correction. These lenses are all custom designed and created for each eye.

What to expect at a contact lens evaluation

For new wearers, you will be fit with diagnostic lenses. Next, you will be trained on their proper insertion, removal and care. We will schedule you for a follow up appointment a week or two later to further assess the fit, vision, and comfort of your new trial contacts lenses. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments prior to finalizing your prescription.

For our established wearers, we will ensure that your current contact lenses are keeping your eyes at their healthiest and your vision at your best. We will discuss compliance and the newest advancements in contact lens designs, materials, and solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Contact Lenses

At Jahnle Eye, new contact lens wearers are scheduled for an extended appointment with one of our Optometrists and one of our contact lens technicians. At this appointment, the patient is taught how to insert and remove contact lenses. Once the patient has shown the ability to insert and remove contact lenses 3 times, we will send the patient home with a few weeks of trial contact lenses so that the patient can continue to practice for a few weeks. The patient will then have a follow up appointment a few weeks later with their Optometrist, where the Optometrist will examine how the contact lenses are fitting in the patient’s eyes. The Optometrist will also review the process of inserting and removing contact lenses with the patient. If the patient is comfortable putting in and taking out contact lenses and the contact lenses feel comfortable, the Optometrist will provide the patient with a contact lens prescription so that the patient can order a full supply of contact lenses.

Most patients prefer daily contact lenses due to convenience and maintenance. However, daily contact lenses can cost more than extended wear contact lenses, and if you do not mind cleaning and storing your contact lenses, monthly contact lenses may be a good choice for you. If you would like to make the switch from weekly or monthly contact lenses to dailies, one of our Optometrists (Dr. Mekel, Dr. Saucedo or Dr. Viloria) can get you fit at your next appointment. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Most (but not all) vision insurance plans have a materials benefit that covers an allotted amount of contact lenses per benefit period. Depending on your vision plan and the brand of contact lenses you wear, your benefit will likely cover between three months to one year of contact lenses. If you have VSP, Davis Vision or Eyemed and would like to use your benefit to purchase contact lenses, please contact our office and we will look up your benefit and use it to order contact lenses.

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